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28 de septiembre de 2020

There are no 2 equal business, so…

.. let us listen to you and your team and we will create unique learning experiences, 100% online.

Our keys:

We choose a different teaching platform for each need: Miro, Mural, Remo, Zoom, Kahoot, Mentimeter, Dripacademy, Certpm.. and some more.

Some of them are oriented to reproduce a physical classroom but online, others, make the team awake and curious about what is coming next, others register students performance, others are more oriented to heavy contents, or to provide a HHRR tracking of the activity or fulfill our teaching requirements (our dynamics) … All theses are super software tools for each need.


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We have a theme, «project management to achieve business goals».

Around it, taking into account business requirements for the training, we develop a whole teams experience: to improve performance, level up skills, learn how to use specific tools, discover their way of working, decide which could be next steps in the organization and even designing next steps among all. All this, 100% remote, perfectly coordinated and with loads of fun. Once we have created a «culture» around projects we are ready to escalate to the rest of the teams in the organization. The seed of change is planted 🙂

We have a learning objective and the solution provided is based on widely tested methodologies.

We are partners with Lean Agile Enterprise Institute, B&M Insight Solutions and accredited ATP by the PMI. We provide a solid experience, methodologically tested.


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Nuestro horario de oficina es de 09:00 a 17:30h.